New Zealand – Beauty, Nature, Peace, Adventure :)

High waves, soothing sound of water, No other humans/animals around, so peaceful. Could just sit there and listen to that sound whole day and night!! Its almost like this wherever sea beaches are there. Water is so clean and blue and green. White sands..Sigh!! Miss it so much 😦 … More New Zealand – Beauty, Nature, Peace, Adventure 🙂

Pachmarhi/Satpura – An encounter with Leopard!

“There is a LEOPARD and that too 2 leopards”. OMG ! Couldn’t believe my eyes they were just 500-600 mt apart from us. The jeep was an open jeep! Gave us goosebumps! Freak! They both were looking so damn scary at night. Me and my hubby clinched our hands and did not dare to look back! We couldn’t even stand to take a selfie or even to capture a sight of it, we just couldn’t stand. We wanted to run as far as possible as if those hungry Leopards were waiting for us only! hahhahaha! 😀 … More Pachmarhi/Satpura – An encounter with Leopard!