North east Trip with a supernatural twist ;)

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The States we covered in North east are parts of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Meghalaya.

How to Reach: 

  • By Air Well-connected to Guwahati, Lilabari (North Lakhimpur) Tezpur airport in Assam. There is easy availability of taxis and bus services going towards the state.
  • By Train Around 43 km away (just an hour drive) from the state capital Itanagar, Harmuti train station (Assam) is the nearest train station connecting Arunachal Pradesh to other major cities of India. Further, take bus or hire a taxi for your onward journey towards the state.
  • By Road The state is easily reachable by road from all prime cities and nearby states. There are sufficient number of inter bus services available from all major towns of Arunachal Pradesh to Meghalaya, Assam.

Best Time to Visit: 

Best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is from October till April(Winters). Best time to visit Meghalaya is all year around. Every season has  a different view, different reason to visit. Best time to visit Assam is Winters or after monsoons.


There are many accommodation options like hotel, homestays available throughout the states. Many are not available to book online though!


The food is a bit of a problem for pure vegetarians. Very few pure veg restaurants are there. In Arunachal we did not find any pure veg food joint in the route/city. But in Meghalaya and Assam, few can be spotted though!

Things to Carry:

  • Good trekking shoes/Long Boots(The ones that can be used in snow)
  • Clothes in layers (Heavy woollens in winters and light in summer)
  • Raincoat
  • Woollen socks in winters
  • Wollen cap in winters
  • Inner thermals in winters
  • Sunscreen
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • First aid box
  • Power bank
  • Camera, extra battery
  • Good plastic bag or polythene to protect your camera from rain
  • Torch

Inner Line Permit for Tawang

Online: The ILP for Tawang can be obtained online from this website . You can register on this site. Then apply for Tawang permit. Any of the DC offices can be selected for applying. Also, it asks for a local reference. That local reference is local reference at your hometown or anyone else. No local reference of Arunachal needed. We applied through Shillong DC office as it has less number of applicants that Guwahati. Once the permit is received, take a print of it. 2 copies shall be needed. You can apply in group as well as individually.

At Airport: The ILP for Tawang can also be obtained at Guwahati Airport. But there might be long queues during peak season. So it is better to get it online.

At Bhalukpong: The permit can be obtained at Bhalukpong checkpost too. But they have time restrictions take and may take more time. So again, it is better to get it online.

Itinerary we followed

  • Day 1: March 1st, 2018- Guwahati – Bomdila. Reach Guwahati at 9:35 am and leave for Bomdila in an hour. We reached Bomdila by 7pm. Overnight stay at Bomdila
  • Day 2: March 2nd, 2018- Bomdila – Tawang. Leave Bomdila by 7am. Visit Zela pass, Jang falls enroute and reach Tawang. We reached Tawang by 5:30pm. Overnight stay at Tawang
  • Day 3: March 3rd, 2018 -Tawang Local. Visit Tawang monastery, Light and sound show at War Memorial. Hire a local cab for next day for visiting Bumla and get Bumla visiting permit. Overnight stay at Tawang.
  • Day 4: March 4th, 2018 – Bumla Pass. Visit Bumla Pass, PTSO lake, Madhuri Lake. Overnight stay at Tawang.
  • Day 5: March 5th, 2018 –Tawang- Bomdila. Leave Tawang at around 8am. Enroute visited Dirang River. We reached Bomdila by 5:30 pm. Overnight stay at Bomdila.
  • Day 6: March 6th, 2018- Bomdila – Kaziranga National park. Left Bomdila by 8am. Can visit Tippy Orchid, Jamiri foot suspension bridge. Book Kaziranga Elephant safari once you reach Kazianga. The booking for Kohora Central zone starts at 6:30 pm at central zone booking office.  The seats are mainly reserved for foreigners. Indians may or may not get the tickets for central zone depending upon availability. So Indians can apply for western zone elephant safari. The western zone elephant safari booking can be done by the hotels also. But for central zone elephant safari, booking needs to be done by self by standing in the queue. It is advisable to pre-book  Elephant safari via hotels in season time, else it might not be available.
  • Day 7: March 7th, 2018- Kaziranga National Park – Shillong.  Elephant safari time slots are 5:15am and 6:15am. Jeep safari starts after 7:30am and goes on until an hour before sunset. Jeep Safari bookings can be done on the spot itself. After Safari, leave for Shillong. Visit Umiam lake enroute. Overnight stay in Shillong
  • Day 8: March 8th, 2018-Shillong- Dawki- Mawlynnong- Cherrapunji. Leave for Dawki around 7am. Reach Dawki, visit India-Bangladesh border, do boating in Dawki. Then leave for Mawlynnong. Visit Living root bridge, then visit the cleanest village. Leave for Cherrapunji if you do not want to stay here overnight. Overnight stay at Cherrapunji.
  • Day 9: March 9th, 2018- Cherrapunji- Guwahati. Visit Arwah caves or Mawsmai limestone caves, See the seven sisters waterfall, Nohkalikai falls. Leave for Guwahati. Visit Elephant falls and Shillong peak enroute. Reach Guwahati and catch onward flight.


Day 1: Guwahati – Bomdila (Approx 330 kms. 8-9 hours )

Our trip started from Jaipur. We took a Jaipur-Guwahati flight in morning and reached Guwahati by 9:35 am. Our driver was waiting for us at the airport. By the time we left Guwahati, it was 10 am. Our route was NOT via Bhalukpong. We took a newly constructed direct route from Guwahati to Bomdila. On this route, we saw very few vehicles. But safety didn’t seem to be a concern. All was well. We did not stop much in between. We carried our food with us as pure veg food is a bit of a problem in Arunachal Pradesh. Reached Bomdila by 7:30 pm and called it a day. DSC_0877DSC_0917

Day 2: Bomdila – Tawang (175 kms- 8 hours with all the stops in between)

Bomdila is a beautiful small town. It is mostly covered in clouds! One can visit a couple of Monasteries there if interested. Bomdila Cloudy view here.IMG_20180302_064247.jpg

However, we did not visit any. We left Bomdila at around 7am. Our driver said that it is better to cross Sela pass before 12pm because after that, there are more chances of rainfall and snowfall and roads might get blocked due to that. Enroute we visited Nyukmadung War Memorial.

Nyukmadung War Memorial


Then proceeded for the onward journey. Next stop was SeLa Pass at an altitude of 13700ft. There was not much snow this time. But half of Sela lake was frozen! And it was freezing cold due to freezing winds! Frozen sela lake is ideal for ice skating during winters.

Sela Pass
Frozen Sela Lake



By the time we were about to leave from here, light snowfall started and the scenery  became breathtaking. Snow on trees, snow on roads 🙂 The snowfall video can be seen here.


Next stop was Jang Bridge

Jang Bridge over Jang river

Jang river video can be seen here

Next we went to see Jang Falls. Beautiful place with heavy falls and river and rainfall 🙂 Check the video here.


IMG_20180302_143132So this was our last stop before Tawang. We reached Tawang around 5:30pm. It was quite cold here. We had dinner and the locals told us ghost stories! They said that dring China war, many lives had been lost in Arunachal and supernatural presence is very common here!!! Scared we went back to bed! There was heavy rainfall when we slept. But the next morning was waiting to give us a surprise 🙂

Day 3: Tawang Local

We woke up and guess what! Snowfall had made the place breathtakingly beautiful 🙂


But the route to Bumla pass was closed due to snowfall. So we decided to got to PTSO lake instead. Sumo/Bolero has to be hired separately to visit Bumla pass, Madhuri lake and PTSO lake. So we booked one and arranged for the permit. Remember to cover these three places in one day, else you will have to pay for Sumo/Bolero for two days. We did it in two days because of snowfall reason. But unluckily we could not see Bumla Pass next day too!! That did not bother us because everything was already so beautiful 🙂 Check the Tawang to PTSO lake video here

We got more than what we asked for! Amazing weather, Snowfall for 5 consecutive days, Breathtaking views..what else does one need!!

Enroute PTSO lake
PTSO lake



So to enjoy the weather, we packed our breakfast and had it at the lakeside 😉IMG_20180303_104049

Another sacred lake while returning from the PTSO lake. I don’t remember the name!


After returning back to Tawang, we had our lunch and then headed to visit Tawang Monestary. BTW if you love spicy street food, then don’t forget to eat the special pani poori in Tawang market!


After this, we went to the war memorial for light and sound show. Was good. Have no pics/video of the place.

Day 4: Bumla Pass, Madhuri lake

Unfortunately, Bumla pass was closed today as well. So we could go only uptil Klemtang, and that too due to some contacts. Else, all other vehicles were routed directly to Madhuri lake.

Enroute Klempta
Lake near Klempta

Since, Bumla pass route was closed, so we returned and headed to Madhuri lake next. It is a special kind of lake with bamboos all over it. As I already said, the weather made everything awesome!DSC_0875DSC_0882DSC_0924DSC_1001

Again the snowfall started. But this snowfall was different. It was pure snow flakes!! 🙂 The other snowfalls had round heavy drops..but this one had snow flakes. Sigh!! Check out the video here . On the way back, snowfall got heavier. See here.  We were the last ones returning and had no other company. For a moment we thought, we might get lost! but reached back safe and sound 🙂 We were very tired. So went straight back to bed.

Day 5: Tawang – Bomdila

We left Tawang at around 8am. We crossed Jaswantgarh War Memorial enroute. It was built in memory of martyred soldier Jaswant Singh.  There was one glass sealed compartment there, in which his sleeping bag, boots and his bed were laid. It is said that his spirit visits here everyday and soldiers, who polish his shoes claim that his shoes are often found in mud. He is treated as alive and is still getting the promotions. It is said that he still protects his force. And yes, do not forget to buy the yummy samosa for Rs 5 per piece from the canteen opposite this war memorial!IMG_20180305_104333.jpg

Again we crossed through Sela Pass. But this time it was snow all over! Looking like the location of game of thrones! 😀


It was super cold!! Next we took a break by the Dirang river side. The sound of water was so soothing.. could sit there for hours!IMG_20180305_143639IMG_20180305_144123

Finally we reached Bomdila. The camp we stayed in Bomdila was haunted! Whole night, we could feel the presence of some spirit in our room. We felt as if someone was jumping on our bed, could hear the sound of boots whole night, could feel the wind in our room despite being a sealed pack room with no inlet of wind inside whatsoever. Two of us felt the same thing at night. We thought we were dreaming, so did not bother to wake the other one. But when we woke up and talked about it, it was confirm that some spirit was there!! When we asked the caretaker about it, he said that it is normal here, as many soldiers had died during the war with China! Lucky escape..Phew!

Day 6: Bomdila – Kaziranga National Park

So we left Bomdila in morning with haunted memory! 😀  The route taken t Kaziranga this time was via Bhalukpong. The weather was pleasant till we were in Arunachal. After that, it started getting hot. Enroute, we crossed Foot suspension bridge at Jamiri. It was fun to jump on it 😀


Next stop was Tippi Orchidarium. Many people come for picnic here and ofcourse for seeing the orchids too! DSC_0020DSC_0035DSC_0045.JPG

After Tippi, after final stop was at Kaziranga National Park for the day. We stayed in Sneha Bhawan here. Decent budget rooms. Now we booked the Kaziranga Elephant safari once we reached Kazianga. The booking for Kohora Central zone started at 6:30pm at central zone booking office.  The central zone seats are mainly reserved for foreigners. Indians may or may not get the tickets for central zone depending upon availability. So Indians can apply for western zone elephant safari. The western zone elephant safari booking can be done by the hotels also. But for central zone elephant safari, booking needs to be done by self by standing in the queue. It is advisable to pre-book  Elephant safari via hotels in season time, else it might not be available. Elephant safari time slots are 5:15am and 6:15am. Jeep safari starts after 7:30am and goes on until an hour before sunset. Jeep Safari bookings can be done on the spot itself. Luckily we got the central zone tickets.

Day 7: Kaziranga National Park – Shillong

The day started very early today as we had to report for Elephant safari at 6am. We had our own cab so drop to safari gate was not an issue. If you do not have your own cab, then you may ask the hotel management to arrange for it. They may or may not charge extra! So we reached there on time. We spotted an angry rhino! check here


After this, those who want to go for jeep safari can get the booking done on the spot and do that. We decided otherwise and left for Shillong. For the first time during entire trip, we found a pure veg restaurant near Shillong and it was heaven!! Jiva veg is the name. Gulped everything that we could and left for Umiam lake. It is a beautiful lake near Shillong. Also called as Barapani lake. We were lucky to reach there while sunset. Amazing views!

Barapani Lake/Umiam Lake



After sunset, we left for Shillong, checked in hotel and called it a day!

Day 8: Shillong- Dawki- Mawlynnong- Cherrapunji

This day was too long! Covered so many places in one day, which is not advisable! And Dawki can be skipped completely. It is better to start the day early if you want to cover all of it. And night halt can be done at Mawlynnong in place of Cherrapunjee if you can add one more day for Cherrapunjee. If Dawki is skipped, then Shillong-Mawlynnong-Cherrapunjee can be done in one day. So our first stop was Mawjngih Lapynshongdor View point. I don’t know how to pronounce that 😛 We had tea/coffee here.


Then we went to Dawki river at India-Bangladesh Border.As it is a mining area, this place is not so clean and had weird people around!

The Border! (which we attempted to cross but were stopped 😉 )


Dawki riverfront(half India half Bangladesh)

Next on the list was Mawlynnong. It is known as the cleanest village in Asia. It has a Single Living Root Bridge as well. But, this root bridge is man-made. DSC_0851.JPG

Apart from this, there was a path for another view point named as Nohwet View point. Remember that it takes more than double the time to walk up there than that mentioned on the sign board! But it is was worth it! We had to climb up and cross an entire village to reach that viewpoint. There is a hanging bridge there, which is there for observing the waterfalls. But when we went, there were no waterfalls due to no rains.DSC_0867


Hanging bridge!
Village enroute

Next we went to visit the cleanest village. For those who want to stay here, many homestays are available. DSC_1007.JPGDSC_1002.JPG

And yes there was one nature’s wonder there..Balancing rock!! DSC_1009.JPG

We decided not to stay here as we wanted to visit Cherrapunji as well. Because we had our flight next day who knows if we would come back here or not! And good we decided to go because Cherrapunji is a nice place. It’s landscape is really nice.


We reached Cherrapunjee at 7pm. Here also we found a pure veg restaurant, named Orange roots. Yummy south Inidan food. But it closes at 5:30 pm.

Day 9: Cherrapunjee- Guwahati

Here comes the last day of our trip! We had to reach Guwahati by 5pm, so we visited only a couple of places here. No waterfalls were in running condition because of no rainfall. So we saw the 7 sisters waterfall view point because we were staying right opposite it!

Next we visited Arwah caves. Arwah caves are man-made limestone caves. The caves are open for tourists at 9am. But since we had to rush for Guwahati, we reached the cave at 8am. No one else was there apart from us. There is a beautiful pathway laid to reach the cave.


As there was no guard or anyone else, so lights in the cave were off. We were scared to enter but anyway we entered. We used our mobile torch to search the way. We went off route once or twice! Later one of us took the wrong route in side the cave, and shouted as a bat almost clinged on to him!! We got so scared that we ran until we reached outside 😀 And laughed so hard after coming outside! Till no guard showed up. So we left the place as we had less time.

One more strange thing happened there. There were swing sets near the parking place. So we went there to get pictures. And when we saw the pic that we clicked, it scared the shit out of us! One of the pic had no shadow at all!! I Guess the ghost from Bomdila followed us here too or may be there was a new one here!!IMG_20180309_091429WhatsApp Image 2018-04-02 at 21.44.44

So we left Cherrapunji after this and left for Guwahati. Enroute we visited Elephant Falls and Shillong Peak near Shillong.

Finally we reached Guwahati and took our flight back home. We expected a good trip..but we what we did not expect was a haunted trip 😀 Full of adventure, ghosts, snowfalls and what not! But All is well that ends well 🙂 Hopefully those ghosts did not follow us here 😀

Elephant falls


Shillong Peak

Don’t be afraid of the ghosts and do visit North east. You will love it 🙂

For holiday packages to North East India and other domestic/ international holiday packages, please email or call +919024115731 and do check our website





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